Welcome to Samco

Samco is an award winning innovative Agricultural company established in 1997 by Samuel Shine .
Samco was initially set up to design The Samco 3 in 1 machine which sows seed sprays the soil with a pre-emergence herbicide and lays a thin layer of degradable film over the soil .
This protects the young plant from adverse weather conditions in its early development.
Many crops are grown under the system , maize corn, sunflower, sorghum and soya and samco advise on the right film type to use for these crops.
Samco also designed and manufacture the degradable film for their machines and carryout many trials each year to support the business.

The support and expert advice our team offer you before, during and after crop has been sown has proven invaluable to the customer time and time again making us a leader in your field of business.