The Samco Degradable Film has the following 3 functions:

  • At the time of laying down the film the pinholes allows trapped air under the film to escape keeping the film tight to the soil

  • During the first 6weeks of plant growth the pin holes allows high temperatures out on warm days and keeps the plants in an ambient environment for maximum growth.

  • In later sown crops the pin holes weaken the film allowing the plant easy access through the film while maintaining soil temperature.

SAMCO has developed different types of degradable films to meet the needs best suited for different markets. Today there is over ten different commercially available films from SAMCO. Each film is developed and tested in our laboratories and in the field before being marketed commercially. SAMCO is today, and has been for nearly 15 years, a specialist in degradable film. We control all stages of production, allowing us year after year to develop films for today and the future. Only SAMCO designed films have the SAMCO Patented Green Insert that ensures optimum positioning on the machine. This allows the film to be laid correctly and at the correct tension to optimise results. Specific SAMCO films are also patented with a grip hole design to ensure optimium tightness to the soil.

The SAMCO films are designed to match perfectly with the climate, region and type of crop being planted. The experience that SAMCO has gained is unparalleled in the market. The make-up of the SAMCO film allows the controlled rate of degradation. It is possible to have more than 90% film degradation before harvest.

All SAMCO Film is colour coded for identification purposes.
The SAMCO Yellow film is used for rapid degradation and was designed to warm the soil and the plant for a short time. This film is designed to be used for planting various crops such as sunflower, soya and peas.

SAMCO Films White, Green and Grey are designed for maize corn. Their compositions give them each different rates of degradation speed. The goal is to optimize the greenhouse effect and nurture the maize corn seedling in a warm and humid atmosphere.

The SAMCO Black film is an organically degradable film designed for the needs of organic farming. It allows heat to pass to the ground and allows the light only to the seed rows. This limits the growth of weeds and allows the plant to grow strong enough ahead of weed competition.

Each SAMCO Film has unique characteristics. Several criteria are used to select the film that will provide the best from the system.
Variety of seed: The varieties of seed do not all have the same ability to ultilise the extra heat units accumulated by the film. It is also important to have a variety that can break through the film at the correct stage of growth. Samco carry out many trials every year to identify the best varieties suitable to the system.

Climate: The SAMCO films degrade due to a combination of different factors. Temperature, soil humidity and UV are some of these factors. The climatic conditions of the first weeks after laying of the film effect its degradation speed and therefore the date on which the plant will break through the film.

Perforation type: The SAMCO film is designed and patented with different perforations which are used for different regions and sowing systems so that the system achieves the maximum performance desired.

To avoid overheating of the young plant under the film, SAMCO has developed and patented three aeration systems. These are placed on the crop rows reducing the risk of extreme temperatures under the film, and also helping the plants to break through the film.

The SAMCO pin perforation of the film is just above the rows of maize. This system traps the maximum amount of heat under the film. It is suitable for early sowing in all the geographical areas where the outside temperatures do not exceed 25°C during the firsts weeks after sowing. The pin hole is the type of ventilation that keeps the plant under the film longer but it depends on the type of film used.

SAMCO MD slots ensure aeration by many small slots, 2cm in size above the planted maize. The slots allow more air circulation around the plant at the early stages. It is suitable for all seedlings in the geographical areas where the outside temperatures do not exceed 30°C during the first weeks after sowing.

SAMCO TD slots provide aeration by slots 9 cm in length above the planted rows. Sustained ventilation around the plant is assured due to the large movement of air. It is suitable for all late planting where the risk of frost is minimal. The plant breaks through the TD type film much easier than MD and Pin Hole. The greenhouse effect can reduce evaporation and maintain a higher temperature in the soil.