Advantages of growing Forage Maize under The Samco System:

  • Early seed Germination and protection of young plants form late frost

  • Better development of root system of the plant

  • Increase ear / Plant yield  up to 25% increase in performance

  • Higher quality forage maize (increased energy value)

  • Ability to sow and harvest earlier

In less favorable sites where average temperatures are below 2300 heat units (Ontario heat units), the system can increase accumulated temperature units by an extra 300 units which allows the customer to grow a successful crop of Forage Maize.

The Samco System allows earlier sowing of the crop, earlier harvesting, and increases forage yield and starch per hectare. Sowing can start in early April at 6°C (42.8F) soil temperature.
As we continue to do extensive research our hybrid choice is updated constantly. Contact your local Samco representative in your area for the best possible advice on Hybrids.