Advantages of growing grain maize corn under The Samco System:

  • Early seed Germination and protection of young plants form late frost

  • Better development of root system of the plant

  • Increase ear / Plant yield  up to 25% increase in performance

  • Low moisture at harvest and a high grain quality

  • Ability to sow and harvest earlier

In good grain maize corn growing climates the Samco System under grain film allows earlier sowing with Higher Yielding Varieties. Sowing starts at the end of March/early April. This extra growing time ensures that the crop is well established for the growing season and can increase grain yield.

When the growing season is complete the crop has plenty of time to transfer all the sugar into the grain before the autumn frost begins. For dry storage maize grain must be less than 14% moisture.
As we continue to do extensive research our hybrid choice is updated constantly. Contact your local Samco representative in your area for the best possible advice on Hybrids.