• Early seed Germination and protection of young plants form late frost

  • Better development of root system of the plant

  • Increase ear / Plant yield  up to 25% increase in performance

  • Low moisture at harvest and a high grain quality (increased hectolitre weight)

  • Ability to sow and harvest earlier

The Samco System enables growers to harvest maize crops for ground ear maize (GEM). Ground ear maize is forage produced by ensiling the chopped maize ear and is harvested using a cob picker header mounted on a forage harvester. A high grain yield and good grain maturity is normally required for the successful production of GEM and the Samco System has been shown to enable growers to achieve both.

Usually low seed rates are adopted when a maize crop is cultivated with the intention of harvesting GEM, often anywhere between 85 000seeds per hectare and 98 000 seeds per hectare. By sowing less seed, the crop can mature earlier and transfer all the sugar in both leaf and stem into the ear of the corn where the starch is stored. At harvesting, plant stems are pulled down through the header, chopped and spread over the soil. The cobs are ‘snapped’ off the stem during this process and continue through the harvester where they are chopped. The resulting forage is blown into the trailer ready for clamping. Some growers prefer to harvest their maize as GEM because of the cost savings incurred through the haulage of higher value lower bulk forage.

Average yields per hectare are 17 tonnes with 50% Dry Matter and 50% Starch. GEM is an excellent high energy palatable feed for both beef and milk production.
As we continue to do extensive research our hybrid choice is updated constantly. Contact your local Samco representative in your area for the best possible advice on Hybrids.