Soil Structure:
Consult your agronomist and take a soil test to insure you have enough fertiliser for higher than normal yield using the Samco System. On stock farms, most of the fertiliser is available from Slurry/Farm Yard Manure but usually needs a top up of Nitrogen. All fertiliser must be spread before sowing takes place, as it is not necessary to use placement fertiliser at the time of sowing. As soil temperature increases under the film nutrients become readily available to the plant.

Effect of soil temperature on phosphate utilisation
Soil °C Phosphate Availability
13°C 31 %
16°C 43 %
18°C 73 %
21°C 100 %

Correct pH for Maize Root Development is also important when using the Samco System.
This chart indicates how pH can restrict the uptake of phosphate:

pH Effect on Phosphate Availability
Soil pH. Availability of Phosphate
5 pH 23 %
6 pH 46 %
6.5 pH 92 %
7 pH 100 %
8 pH 61 %

Weed Control under Mulch Film:
There are many herbicides in use with the Samco System around the world involving many different formulations. It is very important to follow the correct weed control programme and with the Samco System this is completed at the time of sowing by the Samco Machine. A well prepared seed bed will improve weed control.
The Samco machine undertakes weed growth prevention during sowing: sowing the seed in a growing channel formed by the seeder. In addition, a thin layer of degradable film is placed over the soil and a pre-emergence herbicide is then sprayed both inside and outside the film.
Some customers sowing early only spray under the film at the time of sowing and an overall or band spray later just when the plants are coming through the film with post emergence herbicide.

Under the film the weeds grow in flushes but are soon killed off by the Herbicide. Weed control is always easier under the film compared to outside film: 2 to 3 weeks after sowing, the temperature increase under the film causes the weed seeds to germinate in one flush, when the herbicides inside the plastic are still active.

Each country has it’s own list of registered herbicides available that are suitable for use with the Samco System. We advise you to check with your herbicide supplier for the list of Registered Herbicide. It is important that you use the full herbicide rate recommended by the manufacturer.