Samco's film research:

  • Each film type is carried out over a three year programme.

  • Each Film is scored on laying ability, plant breakthrough, degradation and performance.

  • Trial sites in 122 locations globally.

  • Weather stations are set in place in some sites around the world to measure moisture, air temperature, soil temperature, humidity, rain fall, UV levels and wind speed.

In order for Samco to deliver the highest products for growers, all of our 19 Film types have been put under observation at a site in Adare, Co.Limerick, Ireland. This has allowed us to get comprehensive results of our products. The Samco Films are coloured for identification and are made from different formulations.

Degradation is effected by Temperature, UV Radiation, Soil Type and Weather conditions. All Samco films are designed to degrade at different stages from Sowing dates, Plant Emergence and Location.