Samco invest time and financial resources into many trial sites across Ireland, UK, Canada, France, China and New Zealand.

  • Samco work with many different seed breeders and dealers across the world.
  • These trials provide Samco with comprehensive results to deliver the highest preforming products for growers.
  • Over the past number of years Samco has identified a number of seed Hybrids best suited to growing under The Samco System. P7892, P7524, P7905, P7631, P8200, PR39T83, PR39A98 and Benicia.

Download trial results on link – DuPont Pioneer PACTS Book 2016-17.pdf

We in Samco recommend a higher yielding later maturing variety to ensure you benefit the most from your crop. Different hybrids have varied ability in locations globally. We recommend you consult your local seed supplier and Samco representative to ensure the best possibly Hybrid to use with Samco System.
Below are the recommendations for U.K and Irish soils.

This very early maturing, high starch content hybrid is intended for Samco System growers on the most marginal sites located in the coolest areas of Ireland.

Was grown commercially under film for the first time in 2013. In PACTS trials over 3 years and 17 locations P7524 produced an equivalent dry matter yield to JUSTINA but was approximately two weeks earlier to harvest. Additionally it has a starch content 2.2% higher than JUSTINA.

JUSTINA continues to provide consistent yield and quality performance for any grower planting under the SAMCO System. It penetrates film easily and responds to the extra heat generated in the soil. JUSTINA is a dual purpose hybrid and can be grown for silage and grain.

For growers in many areas of Ireland who are seeking an early harvest with a very high starch content silage. P7631 is between one and two weeks earlier to mature than JUSTINA and has shown very good resistance to eyespot (Aureobasidium zeae).

P8200 is a new intermediate maturity hybrid for 2014. In initial testing over 2 years and 6 PACTS locations under film the dry matter content of P8200 was 1.9% higher than JUSTINA. In addition the dry matter yield of P8200 was 10% higher than JUSTINA and its starch content was 4.7% higher than JUSTINA.

In the last 4 years of PACTS trials over 33 locations PR39T83 has proven itself to be a winner in terms of delivering the highest dry matter yields from the SAMCO System. The tendency of this large stature hybrid to produce two even sized cobs is largely responsible for its yield success.

This tall, large stature hybrid has given high dry matter yields under film. It penetrates film very easily and is aimed at growers looking to maximise silage dry matter yields. PR39A98 is one to two weeks later to mature than JUSTINA.

BENICIA is renowned for its popularity with growers looking for a big return from their investment in the SAMCO System. BENICIA is a large stature hybrid that grows well in Ireland climate under film and can produce crops of silage or grain. BENICIA is two weeks later to mature than JUSTINA.