Samco has expanded venturing down to the southern hemisphere in recent years. Chile, South America is a market Samco have planned to develop for many years, Samco has recently signed a contract with their Chilean partners worth over 1.5 million euro over the next 3 years.

“We have invested a lot of time, money and resources in conducting R&D trials in Chile” says Matthew Shine, Sales Director for Samco. Matthew goes on to explain that Chile has a wide range of climates which compliments the Samco System, we have been working in Chile for the past for 2 years, with our research completed we are now ready to push the sales into high gear. Our dedicated staff will spend 45 days per year, training customers, servicing and maintaining machines, conducting field trials and also showcasing at trade shows and open days throughout Chile”.

Samco is a very seasonal business and this is of great benefit to their company as they can now off set work which will give them a 10 month production period. Not only from a sales point of view but Samco also now have the ability to test new products before they are brought to markets in the northern hemisphere with machine developments and mulch film formulations.

The sowing of crops under the degradable mulch film begins in middle of July in the north and work down through the country to the south and finish up in middle of November. This will allow Samco to have a wider window of sales throughout the year giving consistency in production for the film and machinery divisions of the business. Samco will sell their full range of machinery in Chile from Maize sowing drills, Subsoilers and BagPresses as there is a wide range of clients with different demands for samco products.

Mr Muller and Mr Silva from a large diary co-op (Samco’s new partners in Chile) commented that “the Samco System can be used in cooler zones in our country where night time and day time temperatures are lower but also the Samco System works very well in warmers areas where Samco products trap moisture in the soil after laying which in return the farmer has less dependence on irrigation systems which has a large saving”. “Truly innovative Irish products” is the term in which Mr Muller described the Samco System. He also went on to say “with many different climates in Chile we can use samco products 5 months of the year and not 1 month like Ireland”.

Samco have been in the limelight in recent months with the announcement of expanding in size also with the expansion in job creation to the mid-west with their new multi-purpose factory on the farm of the Shine Family. Robert Shine Managing Director of Samco explains that in 2018 Samco plan to export to over twenty five countries in total with 85% of the sales being export business with a growth of 15% per annum. Mr Tommy Lenahan and Mr Juan Fitzgerald from AIB Bank both attended

the signing of the new deal between Samco and their Chilean partners last week. Juan explained to us that “AIB Bank are delighted to be associated with the Shine family and Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd as part of its ‘Backing Brave’ initiative supporting local SME’s”.

Robert Shine went on to say “on the eve of starting our new 2 million euro investment in a new facility in Adare, it is brilliant to welcome our newest partners from Chile here to Samco and it’s a very exciting time for the company.