The Samco Pattern Pin-hole has the following 3 functions:

  • At the time of laying down the film the pinholes allows trapped air under the film to escape keeping the film tight to the soil

  • During the first 6weeks of plant growth the pin holes allows high temperatures out on warm days and keeps the plants in an ambient environment for maximum growth.

  • In later sown crops the pin holes weaken the film allowing the plant easy access through the film while maintaining soil temperature.

The Samco mulch film will vary in degradability; this will depend on the time of sowing and soil type. Sowing earlier degradability will be faster, sowing later degradability will be slower. Degradability will be faster on dark colour soils and slower on light colour soils. Samco mulch film is formulated with the latest ingredients in Polymer Degradation. We can guarantee that no visual trace of film can be found in the soil after 2 years. 90% of the film will degrade in the first season and the film buried in the soil will take longer. (All Samco Films are fitted with the Samco Green Patented insert which connects the role of film to the Samco machine)


(All Samco film is coded for identification purposes)

Film type20 Roll Length Roll Width Coverage Roll Weight Pin Hole
Samco Grey 3100M 1370M: 1/2 Hectare 33kg 20
Samco Green 3100M 1370M: 1/2 Hectare 33kg  28
Samco White 3100M 1370M: 1/2 Hectare 33kg  20
Samco Yellow 3100M 1370M: 1/2 Hectare 33kg  20
Samco Yellow 3100M 1370M: 1/2 Hectare 33kg 4 lines