The Limerick based agricultural engineering firm founded by Sam Shine featured heavily in the episode when they were visited by presenter, Darragh McCullough who coined Samco as the “pioneer of maize growing technology”.

Most notably the show kept the main message of SAMCO at the forefront by describing the firm as “nerve centre of a global technology business with a unique family flavour”. Most importantly they showcased SAMCO’s machinery such as the original invention of the SAMCO 3 -in -1. The machine was given the well deserved spotlight as scenes of it in action were broadcasted across the nation.

The show also let viewers into the production and the behind the scenes of daily life in the Limerick based company highlighting the designs, the producers and the services side of the team of 27 employees.

Owner of the company, Sam Shine, gave a history of the firm and how he has been designing and producing the machinery for nearly 18 years just to get the company where it is today. Sam has been all over the world promoting the business and today 85% of its products are exported out of Ireland which is an amazing accomplishment.