The Samco CarryAll has been specifically designed to meet the high output requirements of modern agricultural work in short season times frame. The unit has a 3 point hitch on the rear that simply connects to an existing Samco maize drill and allows the CarryAll unit to carry film, herbicide, spare parts and liquid fertiliser if required. The CarryAll is pulled either by a drawbar or on the tractors lower linkage and the PTO drive is taken from the tractor to the rear of the CarryAll so that the machine is fully functioned as if it were mounted on the tractor.carry all 1

All hydraulic functions are controlled by the tractor’s hydraulics but integrated controls along with load sensing hydraulics are being planned for on the CarryAll along with Isobus ready machines. The unit is also fitted with four remote cameras to give the operator a clear view of each metering unit and working parts on the machine. Work lights are strategically placed around the CarryAll to give the operator visibility when working during low light hours or when carrying out routine maintenance on the machine. This coupled with new ‘Film Break’ monitoring system which allows the operator to be in full control and in view of the workings of the machine all from the tractor cab.

The CarryAll is fitted with a positive steering 10 ton axle to act as a hillside correction when operating on side slopes which is also monitored from the cab of the tractor. There are two wheel options available depending on customer requirements, one being the fitting of dual wheels so as not to drive on the seed row which is most common in Canada with Min Till ground preparation. The tyres are 400/60 R22.5 and fitting 4 of this wheel type achieves low ground pressure which in turn reduces ground compaction in early spring planting.

Road width is set at three metres for the European Market with the option of a 710/45 R22.5 available to keep the machine within the 3 metre width. This is ideal when used with the folding six row model machine.

The CarryAll has a 3,000 Litre herbicide tank along with a 300 Litre rinsing tank for flushing and rinsing the sprayer lines. An induction pot for herbicide mixing is standard on the unit to ensure the correct agitation of the herbicide through the tank. A 2 inch quick fill system allows the tank to be filled from an outside pump or via the new ‘Quick fill’ system to speed up refilling. A 1 metre wide tool box fitted on both sides of the machine to allow the operator to have all parts and herbicides close at hand when refilling the tank. The CarryAll has the capacity to carry 27 rolls of film which are mounted on either side of the tank. Having the rolls in such close proximity allows swift roll changes to take place. This, along with carrying up to 3,000 Litres of herbicide will allow for a minimum of 30 acres to be done between refills.

carry all 3

The CarryAll has also the option of a 600 Litre liquid fertiliser tank for placement of specialised starter fertiliser on the seed for the Canadian market. Other options include granular distribution of certain insecticides used in seed treatments for pest control. The CarryAll has been designed to be used with the full range of Samco drills and allows customers to increase output machine from their existing maize drills. With this in mind the CarryAll is focused on wider machines with an 8 row folding version on test for the coming season.

Samco have already sold four 8 row machines into Northern Canada all with a transport width of 6.5 metres on the road. However with the introduction of the new CarryAll frame it allows the machine to fold into 3 metres. This coupled with the new model of double disc seed boxes on the HD model drill strengthens its ability to work in viable soil types automatically will facilitate a wider opportunity for the sale and use of the  Samco maize drill.

This New Samco CarryAll will be launched at the FTMTA Show in Punchestown, Naas, Ireland from the 5th – 7th February  2015