The Samco BagPress provides Farmers with a low cost solution to on farm storage of high quality fermented feed

Samco BagPress

  • Patented Paddle Brake System

  • Heavy Duty Chain

  • Hydraulically driven top agitator

  • Heavy Duty PTO

  • Samco bags are marked with two guidelines

  • 1.5M (4ft.9), 2M (6.ft6) and 2.4M (8ft) diameter bags are available

  • Can bag Forage Maize, Brewer’s Grain, chopped Sugar Beet and Potatoes, Sawdust and other such products

Samco BagPress with Crimper

  • The Samco Bag press with crimper is a solution to cheap on farm storage for high value moist feed
  • The Samco Bag press has been built around a crimper to allow crimping and bagging all in one process
  • Depending on machine model output per hour is between 20 and 40 tonne
  • Wheat, Barley, Maize grain, Beans and Oats can be crimped and bagged
  • The lead roller turns 10 % faster to ensure good quality crimping
  • 1.5M and 2M diameter bags are available