Bale Trailer

The CTS 1600 bale transporter is a 1 person operation and can move 16 bales at once, main benefits are reduced number of tractors and labour required when moving bales and because of its compact design can off load the bales and stacks in small areas of the farm. The design of the trailer means you are travelling in line with the baler, no crossing swards or tramlines.

All modern tractors are oriented to suit mainly right hand implements therefor the trailer has been development to collect the bales only on the right side. With a simple 1 touch control joy stick the operator lift the bale and automatically stacks the bales internally in the trailer with a press of a button.

The compact trailer has an overall length of 7.3 meters which is much shorter than any other transporter on the market. With a double axle using 710/40 R22.5 tyres, this trailer handles field work and road transportation with ease. Another benefit is that due to the uniquely designed side frames there is not need for strapping as all the bales are kept tight due to the adjustable side frames and top hands.

  • Samco CTS Bale Chaser

  • Collect Transport and Stack

  • 16 bale capacity

  • Compact maneuverable design

  • Auto loading function and bale transfer

  • Bales locked in for safe transport

  • Fast unloading in small foot print area to maximize space usage

  • High capacity per hour

  • Fast collection with 1 tractor man unit

  • Reduced cost per bale to move from field to farm

  • High speed hydraulic over air brakes axles

  • 710/40 R22.5 tyres

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