The Samco Ground Breaker, levels and grades soil in uneven parts of the field resulting in a level and even finish

Land Leveller (Soil Master)

Levels and grades soil to uneven parts of the field leaving a level clean finish. Innovatively designed to collect stones in a very quick and economically friendly manner. The ultimate machine on the market for field levelling, stone picking and its ability to endure many years of hard work. When used with a hydraulic top link the ground breaker becomes an effective grading tool as the operator controls the amount of soil moved by the machine. There two widths available, 3 meter and 4.5 meter folding.

Optional extras
• Manual or Hydraulic rear stone trapping bar
• Grass seed applicator with rear tines

  • Hardened cutting edge blade: Shaves stones and rocks into the ground breaker without any springing or jumping off the ground

  • Sides of 300 mm height to avoid spillage over the sides when moving a lot of soil.

  • Three levelling blades ensure firm and level seed bed.

  • Adjustable Trapping bar: Catches stones and is hinge mounted to allow for reversing.

  • Bar can be raised or lowered depending on conditions.

  • Hydraulic top link: Adjust top link to change the angle on the cutting-edge blade to shift as much soil as needed.

  • Curved support blade: Allows soil and stones to move freely through the ground breaker without build-up of soil at first point of work.

  • Sizes available, 3 meter and 4.5 meter folding.

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