The guide to Growing, Conserving and Feeding Maize silage under film.<img src="" alt="This is an ALT attribute within an image" />

To Begin, statics show that Maize Silage has been grown in Ireland for the past number of years. Currently there are 10-12000 ha of maize grown by Irish farmers as forage. Maize Silage can be used across a range of farm enterprises including buffer feeding in spring herds, winter milk production and beef systems.

This guide brings together the combined expertise of Teagasc, DAFM and industry experts.  As dairy enterprises expand and contract growing of the crop by tillage farmers becomes an option. Contract growing will in turn increase high quality forage supply. The booklet includes a maize silage contract template to allow farm to farm trading of maize silage.

See the link to the guide and download pdf.

To conclude, Samco has worked extremely hard to provide farmers and contractors with bespoke machinery both in Ireland and around the globe. the Samco System therefore provides the possibility of growing higher yielding later maturity varieties under film. With innovation at the heart of the business, Samco has provided the sector with new machines and many new film variations. The technicality of the system allows simplicity in the field and stress free use of the machine. Samco pride themselves in the service they provide to their customers and are always available to take your call. If you would like a booklet sent to you please contact us in Samco.