Samco have successfully launched the newly invented Punch Hole Film Layer and Seeder. This machine consolidates the soil, lays the film and finally accurately sows the seed using the ingenious Punch Wheel Unit ensuring precise sowing depth and spacing of seeds.

The machine is suitable for use with Black Bio Films for weed control in organic farming, and with transparent film types for better seed germination and stronger and faster young plant establishment.

Many different versions of the Samco Punch Hole Seeder are available to suit every growers requirements. Built to lay Film Roll widths of 1.2mtrs to 2.2mtrs, and with Punch Hole units capable of seed row spacings of 23cms to 75cms, and seed spacings in the row from 10cm to 250cm, a large range of crop varieties can be sown with marvellous results. With the machine available in working widths of 1.2mtrs to 4.5mtrs, the smaller to the larger scale  growers will be pleasantly impressed with this brilliantly inovative equipment.

Easily adjustable Punch Hole units allow for a wide choice of seed depth settings, meaning that this machine can be used with a comprehensive range of seed types, regardless of soil moistures and structures, and in whatever agronomic system is in place.

Two types of seed delivery systems are utilised.

A popular method employed is Air Assisted seed distribution to the Punch Hole units. This allows the user to select the number of seeds sown per punch hole. To allow the grower achieve the target germination percentages, or to suit the growing system in place, from 1 to 20 seeds per punch hole can be realised. This is achieved by simply choosing the correct cell wheel to match the seed and the desired rate per ha. The speed of seed delivery is matched to the forward speed which means that the system is fully automatic regardless of forward speed variations, and has various functions such as low hoppers level, blockage sensors and can allow the operator to vary the seed rate per ha while on the move.

The second is a Precision Planting System that uses the reliable Kverneland Accord equipment. This allows precise single seed placement for each unit where a high level of seed singularity is required. By changing the seed disc, different size seeds can be easily planted and also with specialised seed discs more than one seed can be placed per punch hole.

Further configurations of this versatile machine are also available. Versions with added Herbicide Application equipment, Fertiliser Placement capability and Drip Tape dispenser gear provide the grower with the ability to use this machine in a wide range of farming systems. Due to the clever design of the main chassis, all of these systems may be added or removed to suit the desired operating conditions and requirements.